Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Advertising

Holiday Sightseeing / Mar 26, 2020

We all would have played video games at some part of our life. It might be any game from Grand theft auto to Super Mario. They were our partners in killing time during holidays. But all the humans have the trait of going overboard when it comes to something they like so much. It is a great pastime but what if you play it continuously without giving a rest? It might prove to be a severe hit to health. As there is always a yin to the yang, there is always some bad associated with goodness as well.

It is you who must weigh the pros and cons and act accordingly.


• Affordability

The cost of print media advertising is very high when compared with online advertising. The mode of digital communication is efficient at a low cost. Even if the prices are a tad higher, the reach will be on a large scale. You can manage the expenses and involve in quality marketing as well.

 Effective audience targeting

You can easily target your potential audience. You can segregate and focus on the group of people who would be interested in your services. All you need to do is channelise your products and services towards the potential audience. Once you identify your clients, you can offer them personalised services based on their needs.

 Efficient performance tracking

Your growth can be tracked by monitoring your performance. You can use Google Analytics to determine the conversion of lead into a sale. You can identify your shortcomings. Based on this, you can change your methods and bring out an effective plan.

 Ubiquitous nature of the internet

In the present scenario, there is not a single person who doesn’t use the internet. Even small scale vegetable vendors use the net for their sales.You can connect to clients through search engines and various social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


•Technical issues

When it comes to digital technology, irrespective of all the pros, there are chances of a technical glitch. There is a high risk of your site going down. Your attempt to promote your sales online might backfire. It can cause the views to decrease drastically affecting your routine chores. If your site speed is low, it can annoy the visitors and cost you your business.

• Spoilt for choice

Having a choice is a good thing but what if there are so many choices that it poses as an obstacle for taking a decision. There are various types of ads through which you can do your sales pitching. There is this option of native advertising which is nothing but sponsored ads. Then, there is pay per click ads for which you have to pay when a user clicks on an ad. It depends on your budget. When you have so many choices, you will have great difficulty in zeroing in on an option.

 Excessive competition

There will be companies of all financial sizes in the market promoting their products and services. Hence, an effective marketing strategy is required to prevent your voice from drowning in the crowd.


Your method of campaigning might be copied by your competitors thus causing a fall in your sales. There are prowlers on the hunt waiting to capture your hard work and defraud people.

Know to balance the good and bad and create an effective strategy to battle the cons. Careful planning and thinking can outgrow the negative aspects and provide you with results.