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Social media is a powerful digital media platform that helps you to promote your business drastically. As people are more engaged in social media platforms, brands use this opportunity to promote their products or services among the audience. There are various social media platforms that promote your online business in India.

In this blog, Aatmia will let you know about the top 5 Social media sites that can boost your online business in India.



Facebook is often the first social media site that comes to our mind and marketing your business through Facebook is also effective. Facebook helps your business to reach widely among the B2C customers and also offer advertising options to business. Running a facebook business page is a necessity for the brand to establish their presence among the audience. A facebook business page helps you to engage more customers.



Twitter is a fast-paced platform and people use it to look out for news and information. Twitter is actually beneficial for companies who publish original posts with valid content on a regular basis. A company would use twitter to share links to new pages and blogs in order to keep the audience stay updated with the brand. Possessing a twitter handle will help the brand to build a reputation as an authority in the industry.



LinkedIn is a social network tool for professionals. According to the marketing perspective of a brand, it is a useful tool to reach the B2B audience, however it doesn't mean it isn't useful for B2C companies. Promoting the brand in LinkedIn will help the firm to achieve its B2B prospectus and also helps the organization to employ potential candidates.



Youtube is recognized as one of the largest sources of user generated content online. If your company is capable of creating its unique content, then it has a great opportunity to connect with the relevant audience. It's not only the views you get from Youtube, it's also about hosting videos to get embedded on your site. Running a Youtube account will help the brand to highlight its culture and new products/services.



Instagram is one of the effective social media platforms that builds a brand. Instagram allows businesses who want to create photos and videos for their audiences. If you're a B2C company, you can use this platform to share the photos or videos of your products and encourage the users to re-post it as part of your feed. If you're a B2C company, you can use Instagram to highlight the behind-scene photos of your office or company. Instagram also offers the business with advertising options that can be accessed through Facebook.



In Social Media, you can promote your business to get a wide reach among the B2B and B2C audience based on your service and product. Running a business campaign in the social media platform based on your business needs can help you to drive-in potential customers. If you're interested to promote your business in social media, then be backed up by Aatmia.


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