Why should Small/Medium Companies invest in Social Media Marketing?

Holiday Sightseeing / Aug 20, 2021


Fifteen years ago, people weren't much aware of any social media platforms. But today, the scenario is entirely different. It has been estimated that internet users would spend an average of about 145 minutes of their day on various social media platforms.

It is now evident that people start their day in social media, which answers why Small/Medium companies should choose social media marketing to take their business directly to people to have a much better impact on their target audience.


Need of Social Media Marketing in Small/Medium Company:

If you own a small or medium company, you must always stand out from the crowd, i.e., you need to be more innovative in marketing your products to the audience. Imagine an organization that has designed a similar product to yours and consider that both the products' performance and quality are almost the same. Now, what should be your action plan to win over your competitor? Here is where social media marketing comes into play!


Influence of Social Media Marketing:

Let's take YouTube, for instance, owned by Google, but would you agree to this? Noooo! Cause we all know that it's food balled by Zomato and Swiggy as if they own it. I wouldn't say there aren't any other brands offering the same service, but could you remember the names of other such brands? I bet you can't! It's not that they aren't there; they're just at the bottom of their ocean of competitors. The success of these giants started when they approached the people with effective social media campaigns and practices.

The size of your company doesn't matter; however, if you believe you have a solution, all you need to do is let the world know it, and that can be done effectively by social media marketing.


Perks of Social Media Marketing:

A Social media campaign can help an evolving brand in several ways, such as:


Brand Awareness: Developing a marketing campaign on various social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, etc., can help you attract better impressions for your brand.

Better Communication: With the help of social media, communication is now made simple and faster. As a result, developing a marketing campaign for your organization across social media platforms will help you gain more inbound traffic.

Influence on Search Engine Ranking: Your social media handle has a higher impact on your website traffic which will help your business to be showcased in a better ranking position in the search engine.

Higher Conversion rate: With improved visibility of social media posts, there is a huge opportunity of attaining a higher lead conversion rate for your business.

Cost-Effective: Social media marketing is comparatively the most cost-efficient as Profile creation, and Organic Ad Promotions are free for most social networking platforms. Moreover, any paid promotions you pick to invest in are relatively low cost compared to other marketing tactics, which serves as an excellent advantage for the evolving brands.

Flexibility: It offers you the flexibility to stay on emerging trends as well as to utilize the old ones providing you with an opportunity to stand out of the crowd, thereby attracting more engagement for your business.

Better Reach: It helps you focus better on your target audience based on specific criteria like age, language, ethnicity, gender, location etc., which would help you address your potential leads much productively.

Customization: It allows you to personalize and tailor your content based on your target audience according to your needs.


Take Your Business to the Next Level:

It's a busy big world, and it is so easy to get lost in it! Choose Social Media Marketing and make your business stand out from your competitors!

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