What is the difference between CPC and PPC

  • 30-September-22
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If you're new to the world of digital marketing, you may feel a little overwhelmed while going through the acronyms associated with different terms and metrics, especially terms like PPC and CPC.


PPC is abbreviated as Pay-per-click and CPC are termed as Cost-per-click. PPC and CPC are often used interchangeably despite their different concepts.


That being said, Aatmia is here to teach you about the difference between PPC and CPC in digital marketing. In this blog, we will let you know what PPC and CPC are and how exactly they are distinct from each other.




Pay-per-click represents the payment model where the advertiser pays an advertising platform based on the clicks made by the users on the ads posted. The cost of each click shifts every ad auction and the value of the clicks is primarily calculated based on keyword bids, quality scores and a few additional factors.


Advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads have PPC payment models.


PPC ads can appear in search results, videos, websites and social media feed. The advertiser adopts to choose PPC ads to beat the ads ranked below it. There is a new bidding war for each search and ad view.




CPC is both the metric that determines the cost of an actual ad click and also the name of a specific bidding model. CPC is often used in online advertising that adopts its unique bidding model.


You can see the CPC bidding model in Google Analytics source or medium. An advertiser can view the cost paid for an ad click by viewing the CPC report.


As there is competition for keywords among the advertisers, the cost of the click changes all the time based on the search volume and changeable user behaviour.


An advertiser can also choose to bid manually on specific keywords by Manual CPC bidding. The Manual CPC bidding allows the advertiser to bid on a specific keyword that has higher search volume with higher bids for a larger conversion.




PPC is the method of paid advertising that allows the advertiser to pay only for an ad after it is clicked by the user, while CPC is the total cost of each click. The PPC marketing ad will increase new acquisitions and also improve your SERP presence drastically. The ad copy and landing pages to bid for key phrases will be displayed at the top of Google SERPs.


Imagine, you are running a special day PPC campaign for one day which is set for a budget of $200 and at the end of the day, you have downloaded the utilization report to view the number of clicks obtained for the ad shown. Assume that your ad has been clicked on 100 times. Now, you can determine the CPC by dividing the cost of the ad (PPC Campaign Budget) and the number of times it was clicked, and you can find the CPC for the PPC ad is $2.




PPC is a metric that is used to enhance the marketing approach among the audience and CPC is the performance metric. CPC and PPC are the two sides of the same coin with two distinct concepts but are inextricably connected. Hence, get in touch with Aatmia to choose the best marketing approach that suits your brand.


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